About Us

EHS Responsibility -

Unitexica Industries Pvt Ltd we energize an abnormal state of consciousness of wellbeing, wellbeing and natural issues among our workers and take a stab at constant change. We create items that are sheltered and eco amicable to fabricate, utilize, reuse or arrange. We attempt our level best to limit the effect on humankind and nature amid generation, stockpiling, transportation, deal, utilize and transfer of our items.

Values -

As one of the innovative specialty chemical company, we want to produce and sale eco-friendly products to benefit all: our customers, our employees, our society, our company. Unitexica Industries Pvt. Ltd.’s Values describe the approach and the manner in which company want to work to achieve our ambitious goals.
Building Strong and supportive relationship
Integrity : Practicing ethical behaviour and demonstrating our respect for Society’s values
Employees : Providing an environment of fairness and respect, teamwork, and dedication.
Customers : Working together in spirit of long term relationship; making the customer’s interest our interest.
Safety : Demonstrating our commitment to an injury-free work environment and consideration for the well-being of others.
Quality : Making quality performance our constant goal; understanding and meeting our customer’s needs, exactly.
Technology : Contributing to our customer’s success and differentiating ourselves from our competitors by advancing the chemistry& process technology